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End Human Trafficking
What is The More Too Media?
More too Media is an ongoing multi-media narrative designed to create global awareness about the cause and effects of sexual exploitation. It is a platform that gives a voice to victims, provides information to those who seek help, and illuminates the root cause of this terrible ongoing tragedy.

Its goal is to enlist our communities and generation to work together to END sex trafficking forever. One of our core goals is to provide counter programming against relentless media images that glamorize the sex industry while degrading healthy interaction between men and women.
We seek to create an ongoing dialogue about how and why the sex trafficking industry exists and continues to expand. This is not a simple subject and not one that can be solved through simple approaches and answers. It requires an understanding of complex issues and a willingness to confront the reality of human exploitation in the
modern world.

More Too Media is the first of its kind; partnered between More Too Life, a non profit, along with creative innovators Ringling College of Art and Design and Semkhor. A heart-felt community effort to get a necessary uncensored message out to the world. Expanding beyond the traditional documentary format, it will encompass.
  • Short Films
  • Skits
  • Interviews
  • Celebrity PSAs
  • Original Art
  • Interactive Content
  • Live Lectures
  • And more
A little help will create a major change.
When we reach this goal, we will able to produce and distribute weekly videos covering all aspects of this issue.
We will also be able to start bringing in guest speakers and begin creating a regular online lecture series
We will be able to launch our own web channel and create a substantial, searchable online database along with the weekly videos
We will achieve our goal of creating a 24/7 online channel that provides a lectures, searchable information, and scripted and un-scripted shows
We will also be supporting More Too Life in its efforts to raise funds for
"The Champion Academy Center"
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Proving that there is a reason for the existence of the cliché "tall, dark, and handsome," Dylan McDermott has won many a heart, as well as many a critical nod, for his role on the Emmy-winning television series The Practice. The actor struggled for years before landing his part as a lawyer on the show in 1997. Since then, the critical appreciation he has garnered has been complemented by his regular appearances in the style sections of a number of magazines, making him one of the most visible actors in Hollywood.
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of Art + Design
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Ringling College is a place for the world's most talented emerging creatives. Here, we know that creative problem solvers and critical thinkers require a unique environment to reach their full potential, which is why we provide our students with an award-winning faculty, world-class facilities, and professional opportunities to learn and grow. We call it "The Ringling Effect."
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Think hard - Research - Work hard - Deliver. Love the process. This is our philosophy. We love what we do and you can count on us to deliver - that is what we are all about. We always strive to solve problems creatively and comprehensively and are extremely focused on details. Our wide range of assets, services, and access can bring out the full potential of almost any venture; and we do not stop until the job is complete.
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More Too
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More Too Life founder and CEO, Dr. Brook Bello is an author, innovative thought leader, filmmaker/actress who believes that art heals. As their trademarked logo and motto states, victim to survivor, survivor to thriver, thriver to champion. Dr. Bello and her team is changing the way pop culture views sexual exploitation while ending it one person at a time. She and her team at More Too Life address the root causes of human trafficking, such as incest, rape, molestation, pedophilia, poverty, fatherlessness, and other societal issues that often camouflage these abuses.
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