Supporting an ongoing dialogue focused on understanding the fundamental issues that lead to all forms of human trafficking including sex trafficking and its root causes.



Change can come quickly with the right intention and support. Help us protect women, children and others in danger and help those who have become ensnared by human trafficking. Our approach to education, prevention, ending demand and victim services has proven effective and our goal is to expand nationally.



There is no time like the present and there is global awakening about this issue. It takes very little to help those in danger, prevent it from happening and to support this unique and important project. Please donate to these projects and become part of the solution.
More too Media
A groundbreaking approach to social cause media
  • More too Media is an ongoing multi-media narrative designed to create global awareness about the cause and effects of sexual exploitation. It is a platform that gives a voice to victims, provides information to those who seek help, and illuminates the root cause of this terrible ongoing tragedy.
  • This is not a simple subject and not one that can be solved through simple approaches or answers. It requires an understanding of complex issues and a willingness to confront the reality of human exploitation in the modern world.
  • The More to media is going to be distributed directly trough the internet to people who support this cause. The site will allow the project to be shared through, social networks, and in this way, we can reach millions of people and sustain the Media
  • Project ongoing. It will become its own online channel using interviews, art, philosophy, and information to engage a global audience and help effect necessary change.
  • Sugar touches on the subject of dangers surrounding women and children but it is a hopeful story with a traditional narrative. More Too Media will exist around it allowing the viewer to dive more deeply into the material.
  • This Interaction will take full advantage of the internet's ability to teach and convey information. It will be possible to move fluidly between both narratives.