SUGARShow Concept by Dylan McDermott
SYNOPSIS The way the story goes
  • Sugar is the story of a fifteen year old girl who has runaway from home and must navigate the moral complexities of a small Southern city. An emerging artist, she is fleeing danger drawn forward by her desire to create something beautiful. Alone and with no money, she has to figure out who to trust, and how to survive, without being trapped or tricked. Relying on her intuition, she finds strength in her work and support of the unique people she finds along the way.

    How will Sugar make it ?
  • Everyone she meets has plans and advice.

    Who is there to help?

    Can she make it alone?

    We watch as Sugar looks for answer and as her father looks for her.

    We invite you to join Sugar on her journey as journeys back and forth between her dreams and the difficult reality around her.

    A talented and emerging artist staying ahead of real trouble as she finds her voice. Caught up in expectations, agendas, and promises she looks for safe haven and a real chance to be herself in a world where everyone wants her to be just like them.

    Sugar meets many unique characters along the way from archetypes to maybe the love of her life. Come meet:
    Salt, Barry, Simon, Wild, Alice and others Who all have plans and advice for Sugar. From dreams to bars to gas stations and beaches she wanders trying her best
EXTRACT FROM THE SCRIPTA glimpse inside the story
Ext. Beach - Day

We pull back and discover a beautiful young girl staring
at the ocean. We do not see her face, just a glimpse of
her is enough to captivate us. She looks between
fourteen and fifteen years old, although she could be
younger or older. Hard to tell...

- Need a lift?

Young girl
- Yes sir I do.

- Well jump in, I'm just going down the road a bit.
If that helps...

Young girl
- It would, thank you kindly.

- Hurry up, I ain't got all day!

The man smiles at the girl. She really doesn't want to
get in the car. All her instincts scream no, but she does

As the car screeches off, it slowly turns into
animation once again signifying the sense of split the
young girl must feel.

They drive in silence. The man absently picks his teeth.

- Got a name?

She thinks for a minute, sugar starts slightly raining
onto the cracked windshield.
Young girl

- Sugar.
  • SUGAR wrapped principal photography JUNE 5th and will be distributed next V-DAY. It is a unique collaboration between Dylan McDermott, Ringling College of Art and Design, and Semkhor. Filmed entirely in Sarasota, many local artists helped and the over 20 Ringling students and graduates
  • helped with the production with Semkhor executive producing. Dylan wrote and directed the pilot and worked with Ringling College and Semkhor to write and produce 7 additional short segments which make up the first season.